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machu picchu google maps 2020

With the powerful Google Maps tool we have developed a custom map of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, where we offer 06 layers of information related to 25 points of interest, groups of buildings, urban and agricultural areas, cemeteries, main roads.

Machu Picchu Audio Locations

01.Audio Locations: This layer contains 25 audios of Machu Picchu, interesting information that will allow you to know more about this wonder of the world. To start listening to the audios, you just have to CLICK on the audio link that you have to listen to, you will be sent to the website of the attraction.

Groups of Buildings

2. Groups of buildings: This layer will allow you to know the location and distribution of the groups of buildings that are in the Historic Sanctuary. Remember that in the Inca empire the buildings had hierarchical order and representativeness. Machu Picchu was no exception.


3.Cemeteries: This layer will allow you to know the location of the cemeteries that are in the Historic Sanctuary. George E. Eaton in his participation in the expedition led by Hiram Bingham made excavations in Machu Picchu making great findings related to the burials, as well as the ages and sex of the mummies found.

Administrative Division & Social Classes

4. The Incas had an administrative and social division to control their great empire, of course, the Inca city of Machu Picchu was no exception, these divisions of architectural sets allowed the Incas to develop concepts of hierarchy and land administration.

Agricultural Sector & Urban Sector

05.Agriculture in the Inca Empire was of vital importance, Machu Picchu also has agricultural fields, which were distributed to provide food for the people of Machu Picchu, these agricultural sectors were divided to provide food sectors Hurin Qosqo and Hanan Qosqo . (Upper and Lower Classes)

Main Paths

06.The roads in the Incan empire allowed communication between cities, Machu Picchu also has major routes and roads for its inhabitants, noble class and working class can perform their functions and activities, comunirse and transport goods, supplies and others where are you located these main paths?

Machu Picchu Google Maps 2020

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