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Machu Picchu Audioguide

An audio guide is an electronic system that allows personalized guides and provides historical, technical and visual information of the object that is being seen.

Through the audioguide the visitor selects the audio on which he wants to be informed and the audioguide presents him with audiovisual information relevate.

Mobile Audioguide: These are audioguides developed for latest generation mobile phones or Smartphones, which allow downloading the guide on the device itself. It has several added values compared to the previous ones, as is the property of the audio guide (being in the mobile phone can be heard as many times as you want without being subject to rent), GPS tracking (in museums and outdoor monuments) , multimedia content, internet access and constant updating. They are usually developed by private companies and can be downloaded from the application markets, such as App Store (Apple), Google Play (Android), BlackBerry World, etc.

What advantages do you have compared to other guides?

IT IS EASY. You just have to enter the web on your Smartphone and walk through Machu Picchu listening to the audios. Just like if you listened to your favorite music!

IT IS COMFORTABLE. Much more comfortable than traditional paper guides. You just have to select the audio and hit the play!

IT IS PRACTICAL. When you are in front of that monument you will not have to consult books or guides. You will not miss any details!

IT IS ECONOMIC. Yes, much cheaper than traditional paper guides or tour guides. IT’S FREE

IT IS UPDATED. In addition to being super complete, we periodically update the information of each city. Always up to date!

What does each audio guide contain?

– Information about history, architecture, and everything you need to discover and enjoy the city you visit without missing anything.

  1. – The map of Machu Picchu is FREE with the points of interest located and identified according to the established categories.

– A lot of very interesting locutions of the most outstanding points of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu
Audioguide Specifications

  • 25 Audios
  • English language.
  • Total duration: approximately 67 minutes.
  • Compatible devices: All devices with active internet access package. (Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones).
  • Follows the order of images to complete the tour.
  • Each audio point of interest has a binding link to the next or previous audio